Night Flight... Lights

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Well I work a ton of hours and have 2 kids and a wife who aren't all that up to flying.  SO..I need to extend my available flying HRS.

Gearhead turned stunt kite flyer... with access to led's.. what can go wrong?  I just finished it tonight so it hasn't been flown yet but i hope to have it out later this week if all goes well. 

so far it has been on for about 2hrs and still burning strong, if everything goes well I will post exactly how it was done.  IF not, I may ask for some help  :'(

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

ok, this is my first youtube video EVER,, so i guess I don't know how to post it,,, but you can still click on the link. sorry!


Looks great.

now for the test flight to see how well those light say attached.



Jim ~ Can't wait to see them (in person) light-up the Wisconsin skies! ...after that snow melts!!!
Looking Great!!!


sorry to hear that Norm,  last i heard you were going into mass production :)  I did some research on webbing to make stake holders, but wasn't sure if our little SINGER would sew it  ::)

yea,, ahhh,,, Ryan is in cub scouts,,, and,,, ahhh.. I'd let her tell you but sewing is not her thing  :'(  dang badges!!!


Oh,, I'm in!

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