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Has no one watched the new Bob's Burgers on Hulu? Lots of kite stuff!  ;D
gonna check it out now!  ???
I saw it, but I thought I was the only one who watched that show... glad some other kite folks saw that. Which one of you is the writer for that show ?   :D
The writer was a guy named Mike Benner, I managed to get a response out of him regarding the kite portion of the episode:


After I turned in my first draft of the script, we decided that Greg needed a “thing” that gave him a unique flavor. We were kicking around a bunch of different “things,” and me or someone else in the room remembered seeing this YouTube video:

At about the :45 mark, the guy flying the kite starts making these moves and maneuvers that we just thought were so fun and funny, and we knew instantly that Greg was into kites.

That's great Jared, thanks for sharing, that's one great video too.

  :D   :D  "An inside look into the seedy underbelly of the professional kite flying world." , TheNomadicProject 

Sounds like I'll have fun looking around the video shooters web site too.

So who is going to fess up as being the Thors Hammer flyer and comic inspiration?

BTW, I wouldn't have seen the humor if it hadn't been pointed out, I started when TOTL Hawaiian's and FlexiFoils were the go to kites so you know I've flown from, or landed on, my a_$ more then a few times
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