2 Billion Seconds

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On Feb 3 of this year I turned 2 billion seconds old.

Adulthood begins at 1 billion seconds (approximately 31 2/3 years of age),

that's according to my own warped definition.

Now that I am middle-aged, a few facts have emerged:

Much more sentimental
Don't waste time watching the news
Arguing about politics (debating?) is useless (still vote though)
Still have my hair (very white)
I now throw a ball overhand about 100 feet if careful
Still like to look at pretty girls (Kate Upton qualifies)
Slowly turning into a better husband for Bambi
Watching nieces and nephews have kids is very odd
As Monty Python sang, "Always look on the bright side of life"
Don't believe everything doctors tell you, they're just practicing medicine
A child's hurt is mine also
Kites are very beautiful
Laugh every day especially if it's at yourself

More ramblings later, or feel free to add.  :)

Happy Birthday John. Interesting selection of time measurement. I'm choosing to believe that you have filled those 2 billion seconds with so much rather than how many they are.

when you get that old do you have to start putting your winders in front pockets? :D
Happy Birthday Godfather!

Technically, it is your last metric second Birthday at 1 Billion seconds.

That's the last digit any of us will get unless we make it to 317 years old (10 billion seconds).

All you kids (less than 1 billion seconds) should plan a big party for

your final metric second Birthday (31 years 8 months 8 days approx).

Get a cake with a big 10 raised to the ninth power.

Show your geekiness.  :)


I laughed until I got out Excel and ran my own numbers.  ::)  I'll leave you to guess what the result was.  ;)


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