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Steve Hall:

The usual suspects will be gathering this coming Sunday at Wildwood Park for our monthly Chico fun fly.
I'll be there by 11 AM.
Can't say that I will be flying in the kites, but really looking forward to getting out and hanging with my kite flying friends.


Glad you posted it, I was about to. You have transportation arranged? I see Ted is back, if not give us a ring. Ran into a couple of new flyers last Sunday, mentioned the monthly fly to them, maybe they'll get by.

Dunno if Ken got ahold of you, he bought a Nexus off Craigslist but had to pickup line locally 'cause the original owner tangled it up and cut the knots out    ???

He ended up with some 50 lb twisted Nylon, I told him you could get him the stock Nexus line or would have other options probably around $15-$20, boy I hit that on the head huh? Dynamic 50lb x 80' or the stock Prism 90 lb x 65'. If he hasn't yet maybe you should drag a set of each along in case they show up.

Steve Hall:

I did talk to Ken and we have him all fixed up, he will be out at Wildwood on Sunday.
Pretty sure I have a ride and thanks for thinking of that. Chris will be coming out just not sure when so I will be getting a ride with Ted in the morning.


You know, it would be okay if you chaps posted a few pics

of your monthly get-togethers. Inquiring minds want to know.

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