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considered upgrading to slotted/drilled rotors and ceramic pads.....any pros or cons about the ceramic versus stock???

Are you building a hotrod Durango, or is it stock ? If it's stock, keep it stock. Buy factory parts, not third party. Drilled rotors crack, slotted rotors are expensive, and ceramic pads are made for getting really hot, really fast, cool off fast to be hammered again, like road racing. Used in everyday driving, they glaze. I went through many set of brakes on my Mustang when I used to race, tried all types. None gave me enough more brake to justify the expense. The only way to REALLY improve your brakes is to get bigger brakes. Bigger brakes are huge $$$ because you have to change everything. If you're going down that road, look for one of those Jeep Cherokee SRT-8s in the junk yard. I think they have some nice big brakes on them, and should be a possible swap onto a Durango.

I don't know about drilled disks but would agree with Rob, Why? If it's for looks, like to show through a set of 22's I guess go for it because you already traded performance for style anyway. Either way though like he says OEM or a high quality pad is worth the extra, cheaper pads put so much dust on your rims and tires you'll be washing weekly, and other then the inside of your windshield, washing rims and tires is the worst part of cleaning your car. As far as ceramic just look into what is recomended, going with too high of a ceramic content on rotors not designed for them will accelerate wear.

You're trying to stop a 6,000+ pound vehicle... you need some serious brakes to stop that thing fast. If you don't like dirty rims, consider some rims with more metal, less air, like these from American Racing...

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hmm... weren't you possibly having some other vacuum problems with the heater controls? You might have a mechanic check the vacuum pressure in the system, low vacuum to the power booster would make the brakes feel weak. Sure the size of the vehicle will take longer to drag down but you shouldn't be needing excessive pressure on the pedal if that's what you're meaning as "Lame stopping power". Todays vehicles pretty much just need toe pressure to get full braking power, never more then is comfortable on the ball of your foot.


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