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Hi all,
Did someone tune the Elixir like a SUL kite?
Which frame and bridles? Which range and results?
Thank you
I believe John Welden experimented with an SUL version of the Elixir.
Ca Ike:
There was only 1 elixir sul ever made that I know of and it was done special for or by John Weldon.  It was never a production version. However, unless JW can remember what he used were SOL on the SUL specs cause it was stolen from him years ago.  He claimed it to be the best elixir he ever flew though or favorite.  I though of doing one up in a g-force skinny frame myself.
I would agree that the mylar is too heavy to make it a true SUL, but weren't there some 'Lixs that were all fabric ?
Ca Ike:
The Mylar isn't too heavy. The sail itself only weighs about 1 oz maybe 2. Iirc the Lix JW reframed was a jungle scheme
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