Washington DC Kite Festival
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Who will be going there to do the ballet demo and hot trick shootout?

I'll be there and a whole bunch of others as well,.... you should certainly join us!  It will be the best one day kite fest the district of columbia has ever seen.

You sign up for the activities you want to contribute towards, but remember it's not about the fliers , it's about the show.  We are entertainment and let's not forget that fact!

Terry Murray is our announcer and the sound system would power a Rolling Stones concert!  We set-up the fields and activity tents the day before the festival, so everything is ready on the 30th of March.

Take the metroRail system, there's no parking anywhere nearby (unless you want to be down there before the sun comes up!)

Whatever your skill-set, you can be a part of the show!
red sweater:
I plan on being there. I see registration for the comp field is free, but it looks pretty booked time-wise. I am definitely not comfortable being a part of the "program." (Half-axel to tip wrap to spiraling wreck is my specialty.)  :-[

Would I be alright flying in the family field? Or does that get pretty crowded? (I've only been once before. Didn't know about it ahead of time, stumbled on it. Didn't have my kite on me. (Yes, singular kite at the time, and was a crappy GFAK entry level, needed a lot of wind, which wasn't there.) But I think it was pretty crowded.)

Either way, I hope to talk to more experienced kiters there (as an engineer, I find this to be challenging by itself), and maybe try out some other kites. Maybe, pretty please? I promise I won't wreck them. Ignore what I said earlier. ;) Oh, and maybe get some tips and learn a trick or two, if I'm not too slow.

Edit: by "family field", maybe I should have said "public field"
Red Sweater
come out and join us, we have a few engineers (and wanta'bees) in our club.  Don't be bashful, come over and introduce yourself!  There are lots of activities in the various fields because we want a great kite festival.  You can help you just need to be willing, look for me or our group, Wings Over Washington Kite Club, (Paul LaMasters)
I'll be there doing dual line ballet demonstrations, hot tricks, team rok battles, mentoring kids for the mini rok battle (any of you WoWsters think you can beat my mentee this year?) and generally pitching in with any help I can offer.

Can't wait!
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