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She's a pretty Lady ... :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* I've been out a few times last week.   :-\ :-\ However, the days I could fly wind was almost non-exsistant.   :'( :'(  On Saturday finally some decent wind to fly in the backyard pk.  Wind would die and pick up depending on the in between of the houses.  It worked.  My video camera keeps shuting off when it's cold... or it's broke.  :D :D :D :D  I started to get the rust off and flew a little bit more in control...

Then I tried my first AVFFF ... Big mistake.  I was on side of a small hill.  I slipped and came down and landed and kinda twisted my knee.  I've had some work done on it before.  I didn't feel a tear or any sudden sharp pain.  Thank God... Little swollen , but I had to stop flying.... :'( :'( :'(  Seems to be O.K.  :P :P :P :P

I even changed shoes so I had more traction... Worse is yesterday temps were in the 60's with great wind and me with leg up in the air with ice.  Hate to think of a Rev ...  :D :D :D :D :D

Not really.   Flying a Rev would be as much as flying a stunt kite.

By the end of May... My flying will be much better than this video... I tried a number of new things with strange results...

flying again


Yeah, nice choice of music. Forgot how good that song is. Some really nice axels in that video, too. I like the colors of the new WM. Looks like a parakeet sort of.  :-X
Sorry to hear about your injury. This is when you realize how bad your kiting addiction is... I'll bet you're back out there before you really should be.  ::)
Stay healthy, because this is the year it will all come together. I see it coming... The big reward for the last few years of work...  8)


Thanks Rob.  Knee is feeling better.  I am leaving for Kentucky for a few days.  I planned on taking my kites...but I'd be better to take a few more days off.  Got my juices pumping though.... Have to avoid injury... The Backyard Pk. has some positives but the small hills are trouble walking backwards and down hill.  Nothing flat back there.  The wind goes bad when the trees grow leaves.

Now that snow has stopped and spring is coming.  I'll be heading to the Beach ...

Ara Ararauna:


I like the kite and the flying.

Nice 540's on both sides! Well done!
Also lazies on both sides, great!
And nice tries of half axel cascades.

You are indeed getting better.
Once your knee and the weather get both well, the beach will have a nice surprise on seeing your new tricks!   ;)


At least take a couple of slks. Have fun!

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