Hexagon Rainbow Kite
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Just got a Hexagon Rainbow Kite and Its beautiful.  Center Spins Long Tails.   But I can't get it to fly.   :D  Just wobbles back and forth and crashes.  Anybody have it or can give suggestions?  Wind was about 10 to 15 MPH
That wind was probably a bit high for that type of kite, 10 mph might be ok but 15 mph is pretty high unless it's pretty smooth. You could try moving the bridle point a bit, staying stationary in the sky and wobbling back and forth could point to the bridle being set too heavy (to low, toward the tail) but swooping back and forth would point towards being too high.

have you a chance to grab a picture????
Hexagon shaped kites, also known as Bermudas, are inherently UNstable.....the kite itself is pretty much a flat plane and so it needs tails to by stable by any meaning of the word!   Some have fuzzy tails...some have long straight tails....some have multiple tails....

These Windborne Hex kite all have two tails......they have an elastic line as the edging for the skin and that presents it own problems.....i have yet to get these to fly stable.

This hex has a 30' fuzzy tail that loops from the two bottom points....it is very stable as it also has a bow line across the back of the kite...

This is a derivative of a Bermuda - it has 8 points and 4 rods....it has a pair of 45' long cotton tails to keep it stable...

This is another 8 pointed kite....it is NOT flat instead it bows backwards..that helps keep it stable as well as three tails too:

(pic swiped from Ben H)
Yep, definitely needs a tail.  This one is bowed across the centre, but it still needs the long tail you see here

Kevin-that one of yours?? i LOVE it!!!!! does it need a home???
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