Fighter Kites for the Inexperienced
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I want to add a Fighter Kite to my ever growing collection.  Into the Wind Kites has some nice ones. Looking at a Hata. But I am not sure which one would be the best to learn.  I have only seen one once and it looks like a diamond kite on an energy drink. Kind of arnery  :D A   Any Suggestions?  Don't want anything more than 30 or $40.00 price range.  Amazing what can be done using just one line.
As fighter kites go, the Hata is pretty docile. 
I got mine when I was around12 years old (which was way back now). I think it's a good starter model.
You can search around online and find paper ones in the states for quite affordable prices...they will get you going and you have no worries about destroying them! be wary though as you might be getting them without a bridle....that will take about 4 minutes to add one on though....

you can find some fun shaped fighters like the HQ Photon or a Longbottom Pipa (or his underwear kites too)....

From ITW I would look at the Flick as a good the top end of your range but still worth it...

from the GWTW forum hosts there are a few options from ITW
That Hata colorwheel is quite big as fighters go so that will be slower and easier to learn to fly....

Gomberg has a good writeup on learning to fly them:
btw: where are you located?  there might be people near you that would let you put hands on one first.
Allen Carter:
With fighters, smaller is generally better once you get the hang of it. Many "starter" fighters are pretty big and slow, as are many traditional Asian kites found here in the US. 

I enjoy slow fighters more now than when I was starting. I found a more responsive kite to be easier to learn on. Not a hot rod comp level kite, or one with training wheels, but something in between.

The Hoopty is ideal. I've had two of them since the late '90s and they are very durable, very easy to fly, but responsive enough that you won't get bored after a few hours.

One of the charms of fighters is their simplicity. They are easy to make out of all kinds of materials. Commercial fighters like the Hoopty are nearly indestructible but once you start making your own from cellophane or wrapping paper and bamboo for a buck or two apiece you won't be bothered by tears and cracks or complete destruction after a good days flying.

The BEST fighter site:

More good fighter geek info:
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