Car Insurance

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I could do lots of research (already have done some),

but thought I would ask the kiter community.

I'm with State Farm and have been for many years.

No problems, no claims, just wondering what people

used here.

2 trucks and homeowner's policies needed


Same. no problems whatsoever.
Checked prices a couple years ago and the difference was negligable. 
My agent has been with me for years and is always helpful.


USAA is my choice.....


I use Allstate, but AMICA is another good choice.


My family and I have used State Farm for years. I did a price comparison as well, negligible difference. I have had to make 2 car claims and 1 house claim over 25 years and felt I was dealt with fairly, expeditiously and honestly each time. I'm on my 3rd agent because mine seem to keep retiring, but each one has been stellar.

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