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Ca Ike:
Some of you know I have been a big fan of the Solus since first flying the prototype.  For Devin's first ground up build I still think he did a great job.  However, there are those of you that have them and have voiced some concerns about it I have been looking at quit a bit.  Between Kevin's post and several others I have talked to about the kite there has been definite "disappointment" in the performance and some have even sold them shortly after the first few flights because of it.  THanks to Rob being willing to send me his solus for a few months to fly along with mine I was seeing what some of you were talking about and after a couple weeks of trying to set up a few Std kites for team/pairs it was obvious that something was off. Seeing as how Devin is busy with school a lot and Jon with his business I decided to step up and help see what can be done to improve the kite.

After working on the kite for the past 6+ months(with Jon's permission and input), I came up with some changes that I think really improve the kite both in trick performance as well as precision.  Those of you that went to KP had a chance to fly the Solus Std I sent down there with the new set up on it. I've only heard from a couple people so far and few people asked to test it out for specific flying styles haven't reported back yet but I've been told the changes were liked quite a bit and now that kite is in Jon's hands so he can copy the set up and work out how to get the changes out to people that already have Solus' as well as other business side concerns so stay tuned for more info on that. I'll be making up an instruction sheet myself as well.

If you got a chance to fly the Solus Std (flo yellow/red/black) I sent to KP please post up what you thought.  I made the changes with the mindset that if you know how to swap rods and measure you can perform them yourself but there was one change that does require some minor sewing.  For anyone that has a Solus and would like the new changes done I'm offering to do the changes for people myself.  If you'd like the info on the changes so you can do them yourself let me know but it will take a few days for me to write up the instructions. Devin has not had a chance to try out the new set up yet and Jon is going to be busy working out the details he needs to so for now if you have any questions contact me.  These changes have not been fully tested on the UL yet and are just for the Std version for now.

It's been a lot of work but rather fun and I now have a new respect for those that design kites from scratch.  Jon and Devin have both been great throughout my meddling with the tune up of the Solus and I have a lot of respect for them. My thanks to them for letting me help.


Edit: If you like the Solus as it is then you don't have to change it since it's still a great kite as released.  Pure trick fliers may not notice a big difference. My goal was to keep the trick performance and improve the precision side of the kite to make it better in the team/ballet setting that was part of the original design goals (and my personal flying style).  I think the results improve the kite all around, sent them to Jon and a couple kites to KP to see what others thought. If your interested in what the changes are I will have them written up in an instruction sheet in a few days.  Just PM me and I will send the file to you when I have it done. 

I didn't hear anything about this.  :'(

I would have loved to try your mods.

Let me know how all this plays out please.  :)

Ca Ike:
Quote from: chilese on March 13, 2013, 11:49 PM

I didn't hear anything about this.  :'(

I would have loved to try your mods.

Let me know how all this plays out please.  :)

Sorry John.  I heard Mark, Alex and a couple others monopolized the kite :)  I haven't mentioned it before because I wanted to make sure they were good changes, Jon got a chance to fly it and KP was the best place to get them tested by a lot of people. I also wanted Jon to approve them since he has to make the decision on a business standpoint if its feasible to add them to production kites.  I had to make sure they worked, were easy to implement for the least amount of additional work possible so Jon's production cost didn't increase and simple so people can make the changes themselves.  Not an easy thing to do.

I guess you didn't read my reply to your post in the ripon fly  thread :(  I'll see about sending my solus out to vegas for you guys to test out.

Well, my hat goes off to you, Anthony. There was a lot of hard work that you did, I bet you're surprised yourself how much went into it. Hopefully you saved my Solus from the dark of my basement. It was too nice of a kite to be banished with the rest of the kites that I don't fly. I really liked everything about the kite, except the way it flew. I'm glad that you agreed with me that there was something off about mine. It was different than yours, that you spoke so highly about.
I'm looking forward to flying it again, and I'm hoping that it takes back the spot in my 'A' bag that it deserves. A kite that looks that good, and built that nice deserves to be flown. I hope Jon doesn't like it too much that he decides to keep it !  :D

Allen Carter:
Anthony has been a man obsessed. Every month out at Ripon he's got the Solus going most of the day. I tend to get nervous when I hear about the latest great mods to an already good kite. Especially when they are published after only a week or two of the modder owning said kite.

In the case of the Solus, Anthony has paid his dues big time, has had his moments of doubt and pain, and now big smiles for the finished result. I'd say these mods are worth a try.  :)


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