Kite ID Help


Ben had this very nicely made UL framed in GF Skinny rods.

A LS had broken near the center-T, Steve and I were able to temp. fix it by gluing
a similarly broken stick inside. So we had the narrow part of another tapered rod
as an internal stint. The kite was returned to Ben who thanked us by handing the
kite over for a long term loan and evaluation.

The lower spreader has a metal hollow ferrule. There is no writing on the kite or bag.
For some reason, I think it's an older Level One prototype. Ben doesn't know its origin.

Any help from the Forum experts?

i would doubt Level One....
As I know there were two Ben's there I am guessing you are referring to Ben D, not Ben H (who has been collecting some kites as well)....
Going to guess that a call to Heads Up might help....
What is the skin? poly carb? nylon?

John Welden:
Im sure Jimb or SKB know everything about it.  :D Kite ID gods.


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