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After looking at the wonderful pictures the Mr. Chilese put out of KP11... am I the only one that thinks the pics of the new Premier Widow NG are stunning.  That for sure is going to be my next STD kite.  What else do you all think?  Wow-what a great looking kite?

It flies and tricks very well.

Construction is very good also.

Yes, it is sharp looking too.

I like both color schemes.  :)

Not sure I find the new graphics any more pleasing then the originals (which I never found to be as bad as many made them out). If it performs as good as the original, which was very similar to the twice the price Skyburner Widowmaker except at the low end, it's an unbeatable value.

I like the new flowing design, but then I lkie the old style too.

Anyone have any clue as to when this new "NG" kite MAYBE available?


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