broken comete

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On the end of this video You can see ineresting way how Lam teach us to learn comete
It will be:
flying ...........then 1,2 pulls then flying........... 3,4 pulls...
It is clean as we know that full comete is 1,2,3,4 pulls.
But here is broken comete!
When I watch 1,2 part it looks like half axle so I think it will be:
-flying.... small pull with left hand then 1,2 pulls, flying.... small pull with left hand then 3,4 pulls....
To enter in the halfaxle from regular flying I need to to as add extra pull with oposite hand and then enter in the half axle.
i'm talking about  entering in 1,2 .........and entering in the 3,4 ....
Does my thinking have sense-using that extra pull before 1,2 (or 3,4).
Regular , full Comete is 1,2,3,4 and there is no extra pull. Again, I mean of extra pull before entering in comete from regular flying


Nice video, love the location.

Can't help with with your questions. I'm not that good >:(



I do not quite understand why you need an extra pull for 1,2 and 3,4.    You do not really need to.  It is really just 1,2,3 and 4.  Part 1 and 2 are just half axel kick turn.  Part 3 is just a snap lazy and part 4 prevents snap lazy in part 3 from getting into turtle.

Lam just breaks it into two parts for easy understanding, and this is how I learn the comete.


red sweater:

I've heard the setup for a half axel could be a small pull with the bottom wing (and I assume you'd do the top wing for the 3 and 4). However, I've had better luck (with my limited trick experience) doing a slight push/slackening on the wing I'm about to pop. It helps take the drive out of that wing, so the pop is "snappier." It's also, to me, a more natural motion. Like cracking a whip.

(I've got a funny story from being a Boy Scout. Short version, my friend tried to pull a houseboat with a jetski by tying the rope to the jetski's cleat (on the fiberglass body) and "gunning it" with a lot of slack on the line. You can imagine the end result.)

Fearless Object:

After you can do the comete and then you can just do 1, 34, 1 Yes the 2 is so small that don't even know is there and the 3 and 4 is stick together almost one motion. That is how Richard Debray do it. Supper fast comete.

One day you will say ah that is all :) just like every other trick.

Good day.

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