John's photos to music

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They really look great on a large screen.  ??? ??? ??? ???  I couldn't go slower it really was getting long.  ;) ;)  The picture intervals are 4 seconds.  Full 7 secs. intervals makes it 36 minutes  :'( :'(  ...

The pictures really tell a Story.  :) :) :)  So if you can't read one.   ::)  Pause it   ??? and read it.   :D :D :D :D

Thanks John....



Where have you been!! Ive been texting you trying to ask if youre free next week. Just had that surgery friday and am recovering in chicago, and should be getting a ride home on monday, so tuesday if I'm ok I'll be in the shop talking about auras and probably itching to fly lightly. Let me know if you're free, likin' the pics


Dude thanks. Bambi loved the music too.

You took the time to crop several of the photos very nicely.

Watched it in HD.

How long did all that take?  ???


Didn't take long John,besides I enjoyed doing it.  I probably should have given pic's another second.  But it was getting long.  Glad you enjoyed the music...

I told Jon you'd probably pick the "Spider".  Funny thing was seeing him all excited abut wanting to give you one of tyhe kites.  YOu experience the same same with your photos.  That at times is so much better to give than recieve. 

Your captions worked perfectly.


lookin' for those Aura's.... ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

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