Consensus on "good" kites?
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Hi all.

I'm working on a page on my website where I want to list solid ("good") kites that I can recommend to people that visit, and so far I have 3 "casual" category kites picked out and live on the site, but I am having trouble deciding on the proper ratings for each of the kite attributes I chose. Also, I'm not sure if these 3 are good enough. I plan on expanding to two more categories: "Stunt Kites" and "Wacky Kites". So I have a few questions that I hope you all can help me with:

Does anyone know of any reputable kite review websites?Is there a community consensus on solid kite brands or specific kite builds?ok...only two questions I guess!
For those that want to check out what I have so far, see:
That is pretty general. I may like one kite in 4mph winds but another in 10mph. I may like a kite because it can do this, this and this but a different kite because it can do that, that and that. But that is just me. Someone else might not like those kites at all.

I think if there were a consensus that of any kind that we'd only see a handful of kites on the market.
Ca Ike:
Yea thats going to be a tough call.  THere are lots of good kites out there but peoples styles and taste varies so the opinions will too.
you would have to search out this forum and The Other Place™ and then you might have every single sport kite out there made marked as a favorite for at least one person in one type of wind condition or flying area.....(yes i have preferences of kites in certain locations too...i HATE SAND!)

Every once a couple of years there is someone that tries to do this....usually creates a thread on the forum that is many pages long with some sever distractions and anger......
Thanks! I definitely understand that there are a ton of different kites and opinions out there, so I'm not looking for the best kites - that is a very personal and opinionated thing as you all mentioned. What I want to do is give suggestions of kites that basically aren't crap (good to great quality) for people that are new to kites and give them some information to make a decision.

There are so many options out there - maybe ultimately narrowing it down to just a few good options of each type ("I want a funny kite! | I want one for my kid! | I want to try a stunt kite!") can help people decide and get into it.
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