KiteClique 2.1 bug

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Hi all,

When I go on  ,I can see the home page, but no link or advertisement works.
Is it a common issue?

Flying Fish:

Noticed the same; clicking on any link just gives a white page with random characters.


same for my machine with Vista 64bit on it. Doesn't work anymore for a few weeks neither in Firefox 19.0.2 nor in IE.
But on an other machine, a notebook with Win7, it's still working fine for both Firefox portable 19.0.2 and IE.


works just fine in Chrome ;)

Ara Ararauna:

Quote from: thief on March 21, 2013, 04:17 AM
works just fine in Chrome ;)


It doesn't work for me in Chrome, nor in Firefox or Internet Explorer...  :(

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