Top Ten Places to Fly a Kite

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Is your favorite kite field/beach here?
Mine is!

John Welden:
Long Beach is great.

Didn't know JB was president of the AKA.  That's great. Has there ever been a more hard core kite nut than JB?

Ahhh...that is a rigged article.....Newport Rhode Island was on that same list for many years.....

I was indeed fortunate that my first sport kite was from the Kill Devil Hills shop way back.  First flight with "3/4 sail" Premier Aerosport was in high winds of the Outer Banks.  Tried several times to launch but crashed.  My young wife finally got the kite in the air & gave me the handles after being dragged a bit.  We did not know we should not have attempted to learn in 20 plus winds.  What a day to remember, scudding in the soft sands.  That kite was tough, & needed to be.  I knew that was a great place & now it's confirmed.


Never flown at any of those locations

Love the wide open beach next to the ocean.  8)

How could I give up flying on a small field covered with goal post and surrounded by trees and houses.  ???


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