Lost my beach...
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Since the last hurricane, my flying spot has gotten a lot smaller. When the kite bag starts floating away, that's how you know it's time to go home...   :D


If it weren't for the lack of space to move around (and the still half buried trees sticking out of the sand)... it's a great spot to fly...  8)


Ca Ike:
What happened?  I though your beach doubled with all  the new sand carried in?
Yeah...most of plum island up here should have washed somewhere...
Yeah, that's the strange thing. At low tide, it's much wider, but there's the tradeoff... there used to be enough dry sand to fly on at high tide. The storm totally re-sculpted the shape of the land where it meets the water.  This will be nice when it gets warm, flying in ankle-knee deep water, and I think it's going to keep people from setting up blankets and laying in the way. Maybe it's a good thing !
Ca Ike:
Ah it flattened it out so the tide shift is more pronounced.
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