Eliminate standoff connectors?

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If you drill a small hole in the lower spreader to accept the standoff, could we eliminate the standoff connector? Yes, I know there would be a stress riser effect at the hole. Has anyone tried this?

white wing lover:
Seems like the hard contact of the spreader to standoff would create an extreme stress/shear point on the standoff. Secondly, the drill point may be difficult to calculate. No room for trial and error.  ;)

Nice thinking ... less is more. A bit like the trend of tied centre-Ts.

Should be worth a try.

Who would be responsible for drilling of the standoff holes in the spreader?  The kite manufacturer or rod supplier?  If the latter, I suspect that Jon T would visit your house with a large vat of pasta and repeatedly flog you with wet noodles.  ???

The wind related adjustments to stand-off positions would become a thing of the past.

In addition the stress on the spreader, less than perfect alignment of holes in multi-stand-off kite would add stress to the actual stand-offs.

User replacement of spreaders from naked rods would become more difficult.


Genius. Negative space.


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