3 Italian Tricks Battle
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Hi guys, in Italy we have to do the 3 edition of the Tricks Battle last weekend in Viareggio. The Tricks Battle is a very simple competition of tricks ballet where every pilot must choose 4 tricks from the tricks party scheme and put this tricks inside his ballet. Before the trick choosed, the pilot say "GO" and then the judges know that the pilot is going to do the trick in program. We found a good and simple way to judge the pilots based on a scheme where the tricks are judge like the 50% of the total scores and the other 50% is judge in coreography, technique and spectacularly. We are traslating the rules if someone want to try this form of competition. In this 3 editions we found big sponsor to support this competition like GiochiVolanti and AndyKites in Italy and R-Sky and Air-One Kites in France. We find it very funny, competitive and simply to organize.

Here the placement of the 3 Italian Tricks Battle:

1) Davide Equizzi 167pt.
2) Luca Coletto 140pt.
3) Alberto Cavati 125pt.
4) Gabriele Passarella 79pt.
5) Fabio Angeli 78pt.
6) Claudio Marturano 57pt.
7) Natalino Nardo 51pt.
8) Augusto Fantone 46pt.
9) Jonathan Filippi 41pt.
10) Tullo Lolli 35pt.
11) Antonio Villafrati 21pt.

And here a video of my ballet for example (it was not the best becose the wind was strong and it was raining): http://youtu.be/o1vpWlPUto4

Best regards from Italy.
Ca Ike:
Nice job Davide.  Got to love those wind direction shifts just as your trying to get in a trick but other than the missed taz you couldn't really tell it wasn't planned.  Was that your 6th Sense or the Invictus?
Ara Ararauna:
Well done!
Very nice.

The "GO" plus judge raising blue flag (cardboard) seems to be a good system.
The taz wasn't in program fortunately. :) I choosed multyslot, comete, backspin cascade and comete cascade. The kite was the sixth sense.

Thanks guys, i'm happy you like this form of competition. We are organizing the 4 ITB on 1 june in venice and the 5 ITB on september in cervia, if you want, you are welcome! :)
very nice
Tell me please, how long lines do You use on that video?
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