Windows 8

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I am computer stupid, cant upload fotos from my camera, cant edit them, but I guess if I cant upload I don't need to edit  :'(


despise windows8 but was forced to get it.....urgh.....


If you order your computer online, you can specify that it be loaded with Windows7. We order PCs from HP, and they call it 'Windows7 downgrade' or 'WinXP downgrade'. PC manufacturers realize that a lot of business applications aren't Win8 compatible, and keep the older operating systems available. Those PCs also come with a Win8 'upgrade' disk, so you can load 8 in the future.
Windows 8 sucks if you don't have a touch screen or touch mouse, it seems to ge more geared towards the tablet/phone environment. I've had to setup PCs that my customers went out and bought themselves, Win8 just gets in the way if you only have an old-fashioned mouse & keyboard.
If you have Win8, and can't stand the interface, you can try using a 'classic shell', which makes it work more like old Windows...

red sweater:

Yeah, I watch those commercials and cannot fathom why anyone would want that on a desktop computer.


What makes Windows 8 even more of a failure is lack of native apps. How long has Win8 been out.... and they _still_ don't have a good library of apps for it. I pretty much stay stay in the Desktop (i.e. Win7) 99.9% of the time.

The thing that is really insulting is many of the "free" apps in the Win8 store are just links to the developers site where you can pay for the Win7 software.

MS = home of the consumer beta test.

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