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red sweater:
What is this "sand crab" thing?

Also, I'd welcome any bridle suggestions.

I've nearly bought one of these twice but then changed my mind.  There is a fair bit of chat about them on some of the German sites. They are an older model hence why they seem to be very good at the 'Old School' floaty/spinny stuff rather than JLs & more modern pitchy stuff.

Probably best to enjoy them for what they do well, that said, if I was going to try tweeking one I'd probably start with the frame.  The all 4mm frame does look a bit floppy, especially the spine and lower spreaders. If I was going to do something it would be to replace these with something a bit stiffer - maybe P90 or P100 - this would also add a little weight which might give a bit more enertia which might make JL's a bit easier. I did something similar with my Shadow (P300 spine) to good effect. However it might have the effect of loosing the very low wind performance. :-\

Interestingly the Germans seem to rate the Tattoo Zero ( Spacekites/HQ) quite highly as an alternative 0-5 mph kite ( missed one of those on Ebay a couple of months back  :( )


BMK Moonie Mamba UL

@ 1:43?
If so we don't know what that 'is' either, JonT always does it in his ballets but just kinda calls it a slide, haha. Can't really keep both tips on the grass in this case, but it works on ice haha. 'That what you're talking about (kind of)?

if you can do tip stand with a breeze with any force it coils down like a spring and pops backup because the frame is so 'noodly'
I have thought of just switching the spine out to something heavier to give me more mass but never got to it.
My breeze is my noob lite wind flier and no body has managed to break it yet.

Looking forward to your bridle measurements!


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