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Has anyone had any experience or have any information on Aerostuff?  I know the fury's frame is made from it and that the Nirvana NSE std can be made with it, as they have been allowed to use it as a test trial.

It sounds like the future for competition kites.

Let me know what you think.


This is a small amount of the threads that pop up here on the forum if you type aerostuff into the search box.

I have a Fury .85 Aerostuff and am pleased ;) with its performance.  However, the expense :'( and availability :-[ of the rods and ferrules is something else.  The rods are $35 plus and a ferrule is some on the order of 28 bucks.  I've been thinking of reframing.

@Thief   Sorry you're right I should have checked search.  Apologies first time on the forum. 

@Gardner  Ok! so it's expensive  lol  Could be a drawback.  :(

Quote from: WolvenX on March 29, 2013, 01:42 PM

@Gardner  Ok! so it's expensive  lol  Could be a drawback.  :(

Life of crime... where there's a will.... ooohh, should factor in bail money too.  ???  :D



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