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On the way to work today, as often happens, my lane of freeway traffic suddenly slammed to a halt. I was able to stop in time, but it was close and was just starting to give a shakey bit o'thanks when I was slammed into from behind (twice), which slammed me into the car in front of me. Four cars involved.... everyone ok. Dents and some damage to all the cars.

Great start to my day, right?

So now it's after work (10:30pm) and my car won't start. Indications are that it's likely the starter. There are a lot of people around, enough so I could likely ask someone to jumpstart the car. If it is the starter, would a jumpstart get me going or should I just cut to the chase and have the car towed home?



If you were hit in the front and back, there is good chance the battery broke free and might be damaged.  Call road side assistance if you have it.

The battery seems fine- checked it and it's still solidly in place. Besides that, I still have interior/exterior lights. I should have mentioned this, but I've had intermittent starting problems for the last couple of weeks. I've taken it to the mechanic a couple of times, but of course things were fine when I got there.

Batteries start to die from the moment they are built and filled.

In the hot weather states, getting 2 or 3 years from a battery is considered good.

AAA guarantees the batteries they install are less than 6 months (maybe it's 3 months old).

Batteries you get from a service center or auto parts store may be older (even though sold as "new").

You didn't say how old your battery is, but an accident may have caused an intermittent contact

inside the battery.

If you get a new battery, spray seal the positive connection with some type of sealer (even hairspray).

Those colored cloth rings don't work for keeping corrosion away.

Hope that helps.

Good luck.

Thanks John, I appreciate the help. As it happens, both the battery and the alternator are new (couple of months). Corrosion is something I've had to deal with on this car and learned a long time ago to take care of it before it becomes a problem. Your sealing tip is something I didn't know about tho- I will do that for sure!

I finally sucked it up and called a tow truck. Oh man, I hate car problems!


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