New "Classic" prism kites to be made!!
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Announcing a rare opportunity available exclusively at Gone With the Wind!
Prism Kites and GWTW are bringing back the classics.
Realizing the pent up demand for some of the great kites that once dominated the kite world we will be offering a limited run of some of the great old Prism kites.
In early May we will start taking orders for Vapor's, Eclipse (Standard, Total and SUL's) and Elixir's.
Later this month we will be posting a link to colorizers for each model as all will be available in custom colors of your choosing.
For the hard core Prism fans out there this is a rare opportunity to round out the collection.
Only 20 of each model will be made and orders will be taken first come first served.
Once we have the colorizers online we will start accepting orders online only ... please, no email orders or reservations!
List price for these will be ... Vapor - $400  Eclipse Standard - $200  Eclipse SUL - $275  Total Eclipse - $400   Elixir  - $250  NO DISCOUNTS WILL APPLY and prices do not include shipping.
Stay tuned for exact spec's and many more details!
Allen Carter:
You know, they tried this back in 2008 and some how the project fell through. Must have been the economic downturn that year.
yeah..they lying not give Loof any money up front!
This is April Fools day, isn't it?
Remember it's April 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-[
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