Krystal FX Framing

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Someone at my local kite field gave me a krystal fx sail for free. He said all I need to do is frame it. I was super excited about it because I want to get into building my own kites someday. The bad news is that after much research online, I could not find the specs for the framing of the kite. I found a little info, lower spreader and upper spreader length, but not the specs on the entire frame. Is this info something that I can find online?

I have a KFX LW (low wind).  Is yours this model?

I am not sure if the sails and framing dimensions are the same for the various versions of these kites or not.   Do you have a bridle?  If they do differ, then you can probably tell by the sail color which model that it is as long as it was not a custom.

I would email R-Sky.  I had an issue in reframing a Next and Roger was very helpful.


6mm LE and spine, P200 spreaders.



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If you are going to have to frame the sail you might want to upgrade while you are at it.




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