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Hi Everyone,

I have been working on the slot machine for some time now. I find that it is easier in much lower winds and on the edge of the window. I was talking to an experienced kite flier and he said that this trick needs a set up that the half axel does not. He recommended that I give the bottom wing a small push before doing the two pops with top wing. I was just wondering if anyone has any pointers that might help me get this trick down on a more consistent basis. Thanks


Try every variation you can think of.

Settle on the one you like the best.

Every kite is a little different (they are made by people after all).  :)

Bob D:
Check out RandyG's tutorial at You'll really get an idea of what the set up should look like. You'll definitely want to learn at the edge of the wind window in lower wind. (I like 7 mph or so.)


How does you slot machine look. what is working and what is not.

 Just reviewed Randy G's video. It uses a small set-up push on the top wing (not the bottom wing) before the two pops on the top wing.


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