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Hello from California.
Sad news Wind & Fun kites will be closing it's doors on April 15th. It has been fun but it is time to move on and start having a little fun our self's.  Suzette and i have met some great people and enjoyed some good wind with customers and friend. Suzette and I will still be going to the Brooking kite festival where it all started for us and we will continue to fly our kites as much as possible, ok more now that we will have more time to do so.

To all of you that made it by our store, thank you very much and we will see you on the kite fields soon.

Tobie & Suzette
Wind & Fun Kites
Sorry we never made it over there during business hours to stop in, always went through late at night   :(

Hope we'll meet up some day still, Best wishes for your new leisure time.

Sorry to hear that Tobie. We never made it down to the shop either unfortunately, but I was there in spirit. ;)

We definitely need to hang out again and fly.

Best wishes,
With the store close i will be able to fly again so keep an eye out for me. in fact you will see me a lot more.  :D
Ca Ike:
Ah thats a shame Tobie.  I was really hoping you would take off better.
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