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I know that benson kite are popular but I was wondering if likes of the super fly  are they more popular than the classic in classic everything that comes before the super fly ;D as when benson come with a new kite everything before automatically become a classic :) what would you say :D

All Bensons are great kites, but like all things they evolve and improve. The Outer Space is an Old school classic, but the Gemini will do far more tricks and flies differently to the OS. The Deepspace will do more tricks and flies differently to the Gemini  and the Superfly may prove to be better again.

Enjoy each for what they do well...

The superfly is a kite that was not designed by benson, but produced by him. It is a Chris Goff kite. A flier at the field I fly at has one. The craftsmanship is really good like all Benson kites, but from what I have heard the inputs need to be done very fast on the superfly. I believe the Gemini flies with more grace and a superfly is a quick and twitchy kite. However, the Superfly is a very new kite and the aspect ratio allows it to do some of the newest tricks. I have not flown or seen a deepspace, but have heard great things about it. BTW, the superfly has a very cool asymmetrical design. It looks really nice in person.

Ca Ike:
Yes do not mistake the superfly for a benson design.  HOwever it should be as well made as the rest of the kites he builds.


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