R-Sky Krystal Open Source Available?

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I was wondering if there was an Open Source Project Kite similar to R-Sky Krystal?  I am thinking about purchasing the Krystal as it is similar to the Reactors.  If I can try to make something like the Krystal first I can cross over some of the Reactor framework for flight testing purposes and decide if I still want to stay with Precision kites or migrate to the Freestyle kites.  Just wondering and I'm still searching kite plans as we speak.  ;D

no r-sky kites plans are available

maybe the FLUID is something for you, a bit similar to the krystal

it was popular in germany, but i believe it is a french design



That's a nice kite and good size.  I was also looking at the Le Virus which looked close in shape to the virus dimensionally but I guess is still smaller than a FULL size kite at 8ft wingspans.  I still need to focus on completing my Le Quartz but this is sooooo addicting making sails.

Skymax (1.0) would be another Fullsizer
http://www.kiteplans.org/pln_779/ (german only :-\ )


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