I'm ready, which kite is next?
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I've been flying a New Tech Detonator for the last 6 years and it's time to graduate. I have another kite I know nothing about, the bag says "Wei Fang 2008." It's fun in high wind, it's kind of a lumbering brute compared to the Detonator. Here's me flying the Wei Fang last year.

Spblat flew a kite

So I'm ready to take it to the next level. I want to learn how to do some tricks on a kite that's good for a range of wind conditions. It seems like the E3 is most popular choice, as people seem to be saying the Chinese construction isn't that big a problem lately. Plus it comes with a video, which could be good as I have so, SO much to learn. But it doesn't seem to me that Prism has designed anything new for many years.

So. E3? Benson DSV? Sky Burner? NSE? Which kite will both let me learn new stuff and forgive my inexperience?

Prism has some good videos and diagrams. Where else can I learn?

Thanks everyone.
red sweater:
I'll let others recommend specific kites. But do consider keeping an eye on the used kite deals in the swap meet here.

As far as resources for learning, here are a few of my bookmarks:

http://v2.1.kiteclique.com/tutorials/mama74/ (Martin had more than this hosted on kitebox, which is down for good? I haven't checked to see if his YT account has all the rest. But here it is, give it a check...)
hey spblat sounds like you are on the road to addiction!!!!   
Lets start with....
Where are you located? (you can put this into your profile so it is visible to everyone) one of the best things is to meet up with other flyers and then use OPK! (Other Peoples Kites) Try them....see what you like!!!
Welcome to the Forum.  :)

If you can fly without crashing, you should have no fear

of purchasing a high end kite.

I would urge you to support the smaller (boutique) kite companies.

Jest Of Eve

to name a few.

My personal suggestion would be a Widow Maker standard by SkyBurner.

You can even purchase some wind brakes and/or Q/flaps.
   These items will let you fly in higher wind or in Quad mode (although not a Rev by any means)

The WidowMaker is a proven design and is very forgiving.
It can even be ordered in custom colors for some extra dollars.

Good luck with your new addiction passion.

Wind brakes on Widow Maker:
Thanks folks. Profile updated. I'm in Portland Oregon and I only fly a half dozen days a year out on the coast. Moar!

Appreciate the impulse to support smaller kite makers. Thanks to the list of links above and the recommendation from chilese I'm on board with the Widow Maker. I'll check out the swap meet too.

Quote from: thief on April 09, 2013, 11:14 AM

hey spblat sounds like you are on the road to addiction!!!!
Oh I've been on it all along. There don't seem to be offramps...  ;D
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