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I'd like to now what those that have flown both kites have to say about their similarities vrs. their differences. It's obvious that the extra vent will fly with less pull than a full vent in high winds, so I'm not looking for a generic answer.

I currently own a Standard (non-pro) B-Series Rev and a 'homemade' Standard Rev-style kite. I sold a Non-Pro B-Series Full Vent back in January due to my intentions on buying a Eliot Shook 75% Masterpiece Rev at the time ....but have been re-thinking my plans due to budgetary restraints. As much as I'd love to own a Shook Masterpiece Rev ....I've flown 3 different ones and they were as smooth as silk and a complete joy to fly.... I just can't justify spending $600 on a new kite right now.

Realizing that most dedicated, serious Rev fliers own a Shook Masterpiece or two does the Xtra Vent compare? ...especially to Eliot's kites ...but also to a Full Vent Pro B-Series? ...or should I just replace the full vent I sold for another Non-Pro B-Series Full Vent? Also, for those that have flown or own an Xtra Vent ...what is the lowest wind needed to enjoyably fly an Xtra Vent? How different is it to a Regular Full Vent model?

Last but not least ...will I a half-way decent ....but absolute non-expert Rev flier be able to appreciate & benifit from either a Shook Masterpiece or an Xtra Vent?

You might want to also ask this on the Rev Forum.  :)

I've never flowen an XTRA or a Shook but I do have a Polo VTD. From what I could find out the XTRA behaves the same as a Vtd but can do it higher up. It will still "power and depower". The Shook equiv of the XTRA will fly LOWER as it is lighter, screen verses Icarex/air, and is silky smooth as the venting is across the whole wing. The Polo VTD doesn't "power/depower" as well as the XTRA but will go that bit higher due to more venting.
Why did I get a Polo instead of the others, the sail pattern and colour struck a chord with me. Hope this helps.

Elliot's Mesh comes in two versions; one that compares to the full vent and one that compares to the midvent. It's all based on "missing" surface area - hole vs mesh netting.
I own both a Shook Mesh and a Xtra Vent, I'd use them indifferent conditions, windy and Xtra windy. I have not flown my Xtra vent yet, however I did fly one last year at WSIKF. It was 20 plus and it flew like "butter", smooth on top of smooth. More like a STD with Race Rods in 4-6 winds. No over power, no oversteer, good control in reverse.
I have good time on my Shook Mesh, mostly in the high teens and low twenties. My first impression over a vented was that it too was smoother and had outstanding reverse. At the time I first started using the Mesh, I felt it was easier to fly than a Vented in the same winds.
I would not consider the Elliot Mesh to be flown when I will be flying my Xtra vent. Unless I decide how low of an MPH I can fly my extra vented with Green Race rods. I've flown my Elliot mesh with Race Rods in 12 mph.
Can a non-expert benefit from an Elliot Mesh or an Xtra vent - three words to be said about windy weather - Control, control, control.  That adds up to increased confidence and less flyer tension.

Toss this out on the Rev forum.

I haven't flown a Shook, but I have one of the Spanish "Arachnid"s (looks like a spider's web) which is also vented all the way across the sail.

The very noticable difference between the Arachnid and my Xtra Vent is the width of the wind window.  The Xtra Vent has a much wider window.  The Arachnid has slightly less pull in a given wind.

Prior to the Rev developing the Xtra Vent, I triple vented a vented 1.5 for strong winds by adding a third vent panel towards each side of the centre.  It was a huge improvement over the standard vent, but was still a bit twitchy in gusty winds.  When Xtra Vent came along it absolutely blew my hybrid away.  Bazzer really nailed it with the Xtra Vent design.  It behaves just like the others in the series when flown in its suggested wind range.

If you are regularly flying in wind that makes the standard vented Rev uncomfortable to handle, the Xtra Vent is well worth the investment!  I wouldn't be without one.


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