Sky Burner Solus Re-Examined / Solus Comp

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The Updated Sky Burner Solus Comp has been posted on
As always you can try out the colorizer to create your own one of a kind color combination, look at the production videos, or just read the key features.

Here is the New Production Video shot at Kite Party XI.

Sky Burner Solus Comp Sport Kite Promo

Who was doing the flying?

Looked like Alex was doing the flying.

Excellent flier, a slight bit diva(ish) at times.

But he is very young and talented.

Ca Ike:
Yes that was Alex Herzog flying the one I sent to KP for everyone to test out.

Wow ! I can't wait to get my hands on the lines of this kite again. It wouldn't do anything like that for me.  :D

Thanks to Anthony for spending all that time & effort, I know how much effort he put into this.

If you're interested in flying it, I should have it at Wildwood.


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