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red sweater:

Well. I can't buy tricking ability, but at least now I can buy the straps. I'm glad you made what I presume is a mutually beneficial deal to make them accessible.

The write-up is good. And frankly, everywhere I looked for decent straps didn't actually carry any, so competition is scarce. But that picture (in the store) isn't doing the straps justice.


Glad to hear it. Not that i can t win them... just that they are on the market

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Great news Norm!

Hope you will still post your challanges from time to time. You are making me a better flyer.

Still need to complete that AVFFF and the double AVFFF.


Personally I would see no issue with you offering straps up for challenges even with the being sold via a web site....why would that matter? In fact it would only generate more interest......

Good to see that they are up in the public eye!

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