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Matt N Ky:
Hi my name is Matt Smith I live in Lexington Ky and I am looking for a Kite club close to me. I have just in the past year started a Kite collection and so far I have a Hq Symphony 1.3, Peter Lynn Vibe 2.3 and a Premiere Vision out of all of my kites the Peter Lynn handles best in my opinion so what I am asking is what be the best kite for me to get if I wanted to fly to music? I have seen the Rev Kites and from the videos they seem like they would be best but I have no clue as to what one to buy if any, see I do a computerized Christmas display where the lights dance to the music so I think I could get a Kite to do the same but I don't know which Kite would be best as far as performance as in stopping and being able to put the Kite where I want it. I also know that wind has a lot to play in this factor but from what I have gathered you don't need wind for a Rev Kite or "any wind" will work?? Sorry for any confusion seeing I am new to this Hobby!

Thanks in advance

Hi Matt. welcome to the forum.  I have only been actively flying since last August.  Started out with a little foil & my old stunt kite.  Then I started buying kites, several, often.  Found this forum in November & posted about what I was working on, a stack.  What I really needed to do is just read as much of this forum as I had spare time for.  Still doing that & flying all I can.  Many wise experienced people on this forum will help you.  I look forward to reading their advice.  I too am an inland flyer & don't have a nearby club but have joined the nearest one.  I have had several invitations to fly with others.  I suggest you join the American Kitefliers Association & meet members near you.  Good winds to you.

Matt, welcome to the forum. Here's the basic info on the Revolution models.

Hi Matt,

Welcome to the forum. You can fly to music with a quadline kite like a revolution or a dual line kite. Since all of your kites are dual line kites that you have flown so far, you have the option of upgrading to a dual line kite that will allow you to grow with it or you could switch over and fly revs. If you are like me you will have a problem deciding and just do both! Quadline flying is completely different than dual line, but each type of kite has its distinct advantages and in my opinion both are very fun to fly. Revs allow you to do more speed control with your kite and reverse flight while dual lines can do more tricks.

In any case, meeting up with local fliers is a great idea. It helped me to see what kind of kites that I wanted when I first started. The forum is great place to explore also, lots of great info on here. If you decide to go with a dual line I know that topic has been discussed many times on the forum. Do a little research and you will learn a lot and probably save some money in the process.

With regards to wind, you will learn as you get better that you can get a kite for almost all wind conditions, but you will also have to learn a little technique, even with a good kite, to keep your kite up in light winds. My suggestion is that you first get a good all around kite and then as you get better you can start purchasing the light or zero wind kites for light wind days and vented kites for high wind days.

I hope you are able to find a kite club in your area. This hobby is fun, but it becomes even better when you get to fly with others. Good luck!


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