"Indoor", a documentary feature film in production.
Allen Carter:
There is a documentary film in production about indoor kite flying called "Indoor"

It's the real deal and I'm impressed. Trailer here:

"Indoor" Trailer

Matt Cyphert is the guy that's been doing lots of filming of the Pacific Northwest indoor scene over the last few years. He's the guy whose film of Watty has over one million hits on YouTube. I don't know anything about the production but I assume that much exposure has helped get the feature documentary going.

Flying Fish:
Looks great; thanks for posting! Really hope it will be possible for someone outside the US to see this in due course.
That's really cool.  I'm looking forward to seeing the whole production when it's done.
Very COOL!  Do you think there will be an unrated version? ;D

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John Welden:

Naming it "indoor" is PERFECT. 

That's awesome Scott Davis is in it.  He's such a great kiting ambassador.  He's a perfect example of a kiter who's also the nicest guy you'll ever meet.


Looking forward to seeing it.
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