Rolling Beauty
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A kite with rollbars won't do a sleeping beauty on anything but the slickest of all grounds.  At least I have not gotten my Talons to do it.  What works, though, is bringing the nose up and launching as shown in this short video:

Rolling Beauty

If the wind is high enough, the kite will launch into a fade almost right off the ground.  In lower winds, as in the video, my Talons like the tail tugged up briefly.  If the wind is too low, I need to pull the kite over the nose and do a pop-up launch instead.

Does this ground recovery have a name?  If not, I suggest "Rolling Beauty".  Not the fanciest of all names.  Therefore, suggestions welcome!
John Welden:
I don't really understand what you're doing.
Ca Ike:
Yea I've done that on a DS.  Just pull the tail up and drop it or pop both lines like you would a dead launch and let it lift off in a fade or go right int a backspin, JL, etc.
Quote from: John Welden on April 17, 2013, 08:59 PM

I don't really understand what you're doing.

The idea here, I think, is that; because the kite has training wheels, it will do a rising fade directly off the ground by simply applying tension to lift the nose up a small amount.   No offense to anyone with the training wheel comment!  :)

The rollbars hold the back of the kite up which will cause tension on the front to allow the wind to lift the kite.  I've seen others do this with a DS anyhow or maybe it was a Talon, I don't remember.

I've done that a LOT with my Talons (and other kites with rollbars).
Should it have a name??

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