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jon t:

Sky Burner Kites would like to thank everyone that responded to choosing colors for the new Aura. It is one of the hardest things to decide on.  Color combo's are so personal.   I am ready to cut some of the first kites then go on to make final decisions on the fit and finish of this kite.  It is great to see the sport kite flyers give input into doing a new kite.  It is inspiring.  I think there could be something new in what we are trying to achieve with Aura. A smaller kite that will fly in really low wind and trick and have some old school touch. To start with I would like to make this kite in a UL series.  The UL being framed around Sky Shark 2pts with a weight in the 5oz range and one for indoors that will be framed with the new Zero tubes at 4oz. I have made one with the P1X tubes with 3pt spreaders that was also alot of fun to fly.... maybe down the road. I will keep you posted on the progress on the kite. Thank you John Chilese  for  posting this  and to all the kite flyers that love to fly sport kites, it is something that keeps me going and wanting to create new kites after 24 years of producing kites in the good old USA.
Jon T


Your Welcome, you're the man Jon.


Thanks for letting us be a part in the process Jon. Your kites are amazing.


Dang ....I need to check into the forum more often! I missed out on this one!

I guess the old adage "you snooze, you lose!" applies!  :D

So where can I see info and pictures of the new kite & kite design?


9 pictures start here:

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