Aura Color Scheme Voting Results

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Here are the results of the voting.

I wonder if the Green high finish was in part due to the
spider prototype, as I have often heard kiters didn't care
too much for green.

Also shocked at the popularity of purple.
You purple people rocked it.

Click on photo below to see a larger version.

red sweater:

Not that it changes much, but you've got my votes very wrong. Maybe I shouldn't have quoted you.


Thanks for the update.

Yes, I did go with the big text and didn't realize it was a quote.



And oh boy, I totally screwed this one up.  I did, indeed, type "A" but meant to type "B." So sorry!


Well, with so many people voting, the a->b wouldn't change the

order of the top 4. So I'll leave this one alone.

I think the gist of the finish is what's important.

Thanks for voting.  :)

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