Dramatic Talon Trailer
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Played around with iMovie a little.  Surprising what you can do with a few video clips and a decently made template.  Fifteen, twenty years ago, this would probably have been considered impressive.   :P

Dramatic Talon Trailer

Now we need to start a kite saga trilogy  "The Talon Chronicles"  :)
Ara Ararauna:
Excellent! Great! Beautiful!  :o
I want the full motion picture not only the trailer!
When is it coming out?

I'm glad I have a Talon
this is the movie (mine)

just kidding, but it is a long kite-movie with some nice locations and some nice tricks

at :21 with the talon at 45 degrees climbing, just before the fade... that should be a cover shot for a article...
beautiful place.

Nice work on the video... makes me want to pull my talon out next time.
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