When A SLK Becomes Un-Unique

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Ian (one of the regular Friday Night lads) wrote to me.

It seems his Reprise will no longer be unique.  ???


10 photos start here:

And don't forget, when Ian bridled it backwards, flew it in light winds and let go of the line,

it glided back to him where he caught it without moving his feet. I was a witness.  ;D


SIGH.  :(
That's o.k., I still have #1. Some lucky guy in Malaysia is getting #2 according to Ken.


According to Kens page he is also doing a muse workshop. Wish I could go


Ive never really been an SLK guy, but ever since I saw the Ichiban I wanted one. I would love to have a Reprise. Is Ken taking orders?


it sounds like he might be making a few more reprises!  I will stick around and wait for a McStar ;)

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