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red sweater:
Definitely a BOLD experiment. ;)
I for one hope you keep doing the trick challenges. Simple tricks or complex. There are alot of people who lurk and watch the videos even if they dont post one. There maybe many "aha" moments in any of the videos posted for all to learn something.
There is always something to be said for flying with someone and I encourage all fliers to not only go and fly with someone but watch how they fly. I learned alot from watching Paul Shirey and Ben F and pestering both to do a trick over and over for me.(Paul where have you gotten off too?? :'( )
But if you cant fly with someone I think posting some video and have others look it over is a big help. Plus its entertaining to watch when you cant fly!

Now Norm get out in the crappy inland wind and show us what the gem ul can do!
Ara Ararauna:
Norm you've surely made me start trying the fade once and again. Still haven't got it but I'm on my way.

I feel I have a horizon to head for thanks to your challenges.
Of course one can define his/her own challenges to move forward in learning. But it is not the same.
Moreover, when you are a beginner you don't have a clear idea of the type of challenges you should be defining for yourself.
And on the other hand, those of us that have no flying mates really praise being able to enter this community of the forums and the smaller communities of the challenges.
They give you communication, tips, advice, shelter and support in general.

So all in all they are not only a fun activity to sign up for, but they are really welcome from my side.
Despite I sometimes don't have time to try them, or don't have the opportunity to record myself, or I don't have time to participate in the threads, you can be sure I keep checking them, reading the suggestions and tips and having them in my head to try to figure out how I will achieve them when I get to try them.

Please keep them going.
Definitely worked for me Norm , and long may they continue , i cant speak for the rest of the http://www.facebook.com/northernmonkeyskitegroup.nmkg  , Ian should have the fade challenge on video completed weekend just passed.

Yeah + 1 on doing some more Norm

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