Ground-bound Side Slide
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I put together a short video to address Ara's question in the Solus Trailer thread:

For this trick, do the following:
1. Find a place with absolutely, perfectly smooth ground, with nothing around to snag the wing tips.
2. Bring the kite to launch position.
3. Move one wingtip a little closer towards you.  The kite will move in that direction.
4. Apply gentle pull, taking care not to end up in a dead launch position.
5. Maintain even tension throughout the slide.

The hardest part is actually item 1.  I did not even know this move was possible at all, until I moved to Nova Scotia and happened to find a very flat beach that is smoothened by each high tide.

Ground-Bound Side Slide

Sorry about the poor quality of some clips.  For illustrative purposes, I compiled every bit of footage I had showing the ground slide.  The sequence between 1:08 and 1:22 shows how to initiate the slide.  It also demonstrates what happens when so much as the slightest "speed bump" is present  :-\
Uh-oh.  This is embarrassing!

Imagine the first instance of "Title Text Here" reads: "Ground-bound Side Slide", and the second one: "You can Do It!".  For a reason only electrons, bits and bytes will ever understand, this reverted back to the defaults, and I did not realize it until everything was uploaded and linked.  Sometimes I _do hate computers!_   :-[
Ara Ararauna:
Really nice!
I very much like the little jumps the kite makes in the sequence you mention starting at 1:08.  ???
I have one flying spot where I can try that. So next time I will definitely do so  :P
Great sliodes and nice video to watch.  Nice ground control of the kite...
btw:  Jay you really fly well.  I only wish I was as good.  One day if I keep working.  Your video of the slide will have me working at another trick. 
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