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How come kites are supplied with such heavy lines?
Ive been running 55ftx20lb p pro on my Hypnotist and i always check my knots, joins and sleeves, they are perfect every time but i always have a concern in the back of my pea-brain that somethings gonna give.
The performance gains are as expected so i am wondering does anyone else use lighter lines and can i expect some sort of disaster other than having to make up a new set eventually or they may last as long as the heavy lines provided?
One little hassle i have ,once in a while(you wouldnt believe how often) is it gets a easily tangled around logs n picks up crap on the beach,dry seaweed,small sticks seem to love clinging on to it.
I am going to try a 30ftx10lb for my Ultralite as the 20lb set was intended for it anyway but its so good on my other kites i will go even lighter on it!
PS:Great forum. ive got most of my tips and ideas from this place and i just love the kite snob battles over cottage vs industrial popouts. Beautiful.
My Hypnotist snapped 50lb lines in about 8mph. I used them because they were short and had a small field. Amazing you haven't snapped 20-pounders.
The Hypnotist has a pretty strong pull so you must have been flying in light winds or been very lucky! Personally I wouldn't use less than 90# on something like that, if you break a line and go into a 'death spiral' you could easily break something expensive. That goes double if you are using 30' lines as, if you get a sudden gust, you won't have enough time to react before you hit the ground. The lightest lines I use are 50# on my HQ Shadow.
As others have said:

50# for SUL sport kites

90#-200# for regular to very strong winds on standard or vented

10#-20# for fighter kites  :)
Another thing.... The better quality lines aren't so "fluffy." They will feel lighter (even the heavy ones) because the wind drag isn't there. Too, they won't catch all the debris like your lines. The braiding is very tight/smooth.
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