Help: DOA Mid Vent oversteering
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I do not know what has happened, but my DOA Mid vent now has lots of oversteering.  I can only do the nice and smooth axel cascade with just very little input.  If I get too much input, it will just oversteer.  The pitch based maneuver, however, is ok. 

Any idea what I should check?

If the kite was working the way you liked and now doesn't,

the first thing to check is the bridle:

Has there been a shift of any of the knot locations?

Is a Prussik knot loose?

Do the left and right side match?

Good luck.  :)

On the Sea Devil & Fearless, there aren't any adjustments except for the AOA pigtails by the nose. It sounds like what happened to my FVL, the internal weight shifted and the kite's never flown the same again.  :-[
I check the bridle and it looks ok. 

RobB, what is AOA pigtails by the nose?

Were you flying it near the bottom of its wind range?
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