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After watching nearly every kite video on the web,1 in 5 of these includes a kite getting dunked in the drink so i figured i would get a video of my kite tip stalling in the waters edge after my pathetic attempt at the JayDee groundslide,suddenly my wife who was in front of me so i couldnt see the wave coming just the kite beside her,was looking and waving back at me when i saw it a 3 foot shore dump come into view a take out my kite,after a quick swim i recovered the kite and untangled the mess of line that had joined in to make it more fun!
Surely its not good for a kite to get wet let alone Saltwater? The stitching.glues,braiding and sail would have to suffer in some way wouldnt they?

On vacation last year, my daughter friend put my one of my high end kites in the ocean. My fault, i should have moved her away.
Anyway, I rinsed it with fresh water immediatley, and brush all the sand off. let it dry outside. I also pulled the end caps and nocks off to let any water that may have gotten in the tubes to escape. I did that twice. Its no worse for wear.

My Silver fox took a dunk in a slimy lake. I had to drag it across the bottem to get it out of the water as it sank. Same method, no problems.

That being said, both line sets which were strung out to dry, both snapped shortly after. So have a back up line set with you next time out and enjoy your now seasoned kite... :)

I have a couple of Rev 1.5 SLEs that have spent way more time dipping, diving, and swimming in saltwater over the last 15+ years than I have touched my toes in the water ;D. I have always made sure that I flew them and the line sets dry before putting them away. The only time I recall actually rinsing them off was once or twice when I had to put them up wet until I got back to the house. I've not had any issue with line breakage after getting the lines wet.

Allen Carter:
Most, if not all, of the fabrics used in sport kites were designed for sailing, so saltwater means nothing to them. It's all the other components which are more of a concern. I've had some kites go in seawater and haven't been able to wash them off for an extended period. with no problems. A kite put away wet for a long time will get moldy and possibly stained. As said before, fly the kite dry, or mostly dry before putting it away. Salt and sand are abrasive, so it's best for the longevity of the kite to clean em off, especially down in LE pockets and such.

Set it up and hose it off and let it dry.

besides the frame  its self
the weakest component is the seam and stitching were salt can rest..  salt acts as tinny bits of crushed glass......over time{many moons} even w/o taking to salt water just the salty air will work the seam and blow out

hose with running H2o {not spray} once dry any white residue left over will need another hose down.

and you made out better than I did  My kite came out bent over like a taco and broke in 3 places after a wave jacked up and swallowed it


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