THE ADVANTAGE 1.5" leading edge.

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I am looking for an end section to replace one I broke.  If I am unable to find one and need to go to the newer style leading edge tubes, would I need to change out the two vertical tubes as well?
Thanks    bob

The verticals won't need to be replaced, there are several places that sell the outer SLE rods.

The rods are available by the each at two of the seller ads on the right.
Shoppe to the right to get back in the Wind.
Hint hint!

Is this about an indoor Rev? I had to replace my LE after breaking a wingtip spar, the old ones are just about gone from most vendors! But I did save and still use my older small diameter rods for the verticals!
PS: if you do have to switch to the new style, remember to get new caps too! The old "INNIES" don't fit on the newer style rods!!

If you want the SLE rod, they are available.


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