Skynasaur Triple Aerobat/F-36 & SkyFox

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Hi all!
I have a Skynasaur Triple stunt kite that I dug out of the attic after many years.
It was all tangled up with some other kites/lines.
I cut the lines, but left the remaining bridle lines still attached to to the Skynasaur Kites.
But when I get new line, I am not sure which line I should get and how I should hook up the lines.
Does anyone have an instruction manual for the Aerobat/F-36 & SkyFox?
Don't remember if they were flown together. Or separately. That's how long it's been!

Thanks a bunch!


Ca Ike:
Um ouch. I hope you just cut flying lines and not bridle lines.  Always untangle if possible even if it takes a bit to do.

Bridle lines are still intact.. smart enough to do that...


Ca Ike:
Well IIRC all the aerobats and f-36's had a rod that went between the sides of the bridle.  I've seen a few progressive stacks of those 3 kites but I don't remember if they were factory or not. If anyone has a manual Charly or Rob(thief) might since they both deal or dealt in kites back then and I know Charly has had a few go through his hands used from time to time.

Obviously since you stored them in the attic you need to go over every inch of the kites for damage and check all the fittings.  THen assemble them all and get pics to post up for us to see and the new flier crowd can see what we started out with :P

Here is a pic of an aerobat.....brand new!

I think I got the instructions with the kite....let me dig in the hard drive....


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